ABACUS Series Project, 2002-2003

Blue Scale
  An exploration of the theme of collapse and bursting bubbles, economic and otherwise. Performances included PAUSE, San Francisco International Butoh Festival Grand Finale, Cowell Theater, August 2002.  

Salvador Paradiso, Headlightjournal

“The performance was a three-part act: earthy, sensual, erotic…the Reverend Markus, wearing a thin black kimono, performed a hypnotic solo on the violin…the four female dancers, wearing see-through white robes…transgressed through a domino-like metamorphosis of facial expressions (that) made the audience ooh and aah and even chuckle.”


  Allen Ulrich (formerly of the San Francisco Chronicle), Voice of Dance:

“In PAUSE, Ledoh led his local company, Salt Farm, in a mesmerizing work.  Ledoh is already masterful in his imagery.  Three jelly fish hover upstage, then metamorphose into a butoh chorus line that actually dances in unison...Ledoh’s tape of dripping water, which came at you from all sides, was as apt a sound source as I have encountered all season...There was a sense of structure here that kept the interest throughout the lengthy essay, all of it bathed in indigo hues.  Ledoh also knows a thing or two about irony: much of butoh hovers between profound soul searching and absurdist posturing, and it is far too easy to slip off the precipice.”