World Premiere
@ Firehouse
San Francisco, CA 94123
May 22 -May 24, 2015

Ledoh's realm of what defines our identity-exposing a dance between culture and conformity, disguise and vulnerability, authenticity and deceit.
Butoh’s white paint may at first appear to erase the body’s identity, but can also create a canvas upon which multiple identities may be projected or, ultimately, make the body seem transparent, allowing illumination by the fragile light from within.

International Premiere
San Francisco Asian Art Museum
Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Artisterium VI
October 4-14, 2013, Tbilisi, Georgia

live performance and video installation of HEARTLAND
The theme for Artisterium VI - “Am I you?” - is about exploring how we deal with ’the other’ in our lives – other ethnic groups, other nations, other people - a collaborative project between artists is particularly relevant and is the inspiration for the curatorial concept.
image for Suicide Barrier Suicide Barrier
ODC Theatre, San Francisco, CA June 2011

Drawing on elements of classic Butoh, Suicide Barrier
captivates the viewer while unfolding the complexities
of our relationship to nature and one another against a
backdrop of urban decay.


San Francisco Chronicle

Color Me America
Colormeamerica, a project of Creative Capital. Presented by the ODC Theater at the Project Artaud Theater and Joyce Soho, New York, NY.

. "For The Record, Dancers Debate the Body Politic"
Gia Kourlas, "The Darker Colors of Patriotism"NYTimes, April 15, 2011

Rachel Howard, San Francisco Chronicle Dance Correspondent: "Though you can point to the work's trappings to explain its success, with its hip and ear-teasing electronic score by Matthew Ogaz, and its gorgeous video by Perry Hallinan, the heart of "Color Me America" is in the movement. Ledoh, born in Burma, is trained in butoh, that apocalyptic post-World War II Japanese form where focused physical intention is all, where the performer's roiling facial expressions expose the emotional inauthenticity of our typical existence. Here, he channels butoh's essence without ever falling into its cliches."
Full review.

previous projects    
HEARTLAND   Artisterium Festival, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, November, 2013, U.S. Embassy.  
Colormeamerica   Bangkok Butoh Festival, Thailand. Sponsored by Mid Atlantic Foundation. December, 2011.  
Colormeamerica   Joyce Soho, New York, New York. Aprii, 2011.  
Colormeamerica   Artisterium Festival, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia ,November, 2010.  
"Rose Revolution"   Artisterium Festival, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, November, 2008. Performed with with Anthony Cedras, multi-instrumentalist.  
  Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA. September 2007.  
  a project of Creative Capital, 2006-2008.  
  Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA. Jan, 2005.  
Elsewhere Here   Theater of Yugen Noh Space, San Francisco, CA. 2003.  
Abacus Series Project   Cowell Theater, Augus,t 2002.  
River of Sand   Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin, CA. 2003..  
14 Bells   Cowell Theater, Jul,y 200.2